Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Sunny Side

The 8:05 peaker heading into the city. Sitting on the Sunny Side. At certain times of the morning one side of the train gets blasted with sunlight. Usually, only a rookie sits on the sunny side because it's very hard to read or see a laptop screen or sleep with the sun blasting in the window, especially when it's intermittently blocked by trees and buidlings creating a strobe effect, which I've heard can cause a stroke or a siezure in some cases. That would be a bad way to start the day. But today I'm rolling in my new Maui Jim prescription sunglasses, and life is good.

I designed a business card for my Optometrist friend, Dr. George Amatuzzi. I did it for free, because I've been going in to see him for about 12 years now and I just couldn't stand looking at his effing ugly business cards anymore. They were printed on a thin gray stock (really, who chooses gray stock?) and designed from some sort of standard template that a printer gives you to chose from. So I took one of his cards, went home and designed him a new one, took it back in and asked him to please accept this gift on behalf of all the people in the world with 20/20 vision who couldn't stand looking at his effing ugly business cards anymore. He said thanks and told me to pick out some sunglasses, which I did.

And here I am, sitting on the sunny side in my Maui Jim prescription sunglasses, which I thought were cool when I picked them out, but now I'm not so sure. Im starting to think they look a little doofy. As you can see, I'm also wearing a summer weight suit jacket even though it was 40 degrees this morning, and a button down collar with no tie, which is actually a fashion mistake, but do I look like I give a damn? Nope. Not today. Life is good.


  1. I love the barter. I hope you didn't have to pay for the prescription lenses either. Ahhhh, reminds me of my past life as an accessories director. Ha!
    P.S. With my past expertise, I gotta say I'm not sure about the Maui Jim's, sorry. Too bad for you, I'm all the way in Nebraska and can't give you fashion pointers anymore. Boo!

  2. i'm enjoying this post on my first visit to your blog john but i agree with alice john -- not sure either about those maui jims ... maybe leave those to the bruddas who sit in pickup trucks and eat lunch at beach parking lots (sorry - just what local guys do in hawaii ... where i'm from)

  3. harsh. i'm never going to show you my ugly business card. oh wait, i'm pretty sure you already know what it looks like...

  4. Did you design your optometrist's business card in a vertical format,
    like one of those eye charts? That would be cool, you could spell out
    his name and info starting with his first initial at the top, then have all the subsequent letters getting smaller on each line below, etc.

    I'd choose a nice vellum stock, maybe with a subtle tooth, I don't know,
    just thinking out loud here.

    I have a miserable cold by the way. This blog should really be about me.